Support @RISK Children & Veterans.

Raise Funds for

Your Cause

EARN Funds for

Your Team!

Helping Empower our Children 2 Unplug,

as they Learn, Earn and help others! 

We'll Have You UNPLUGGED in a Jiffy.

We provide everything your TEAM needs to create an Inspirational, Sustainable, Effortless and Engaging Donation Solution™ that is specifically designed to help pay for equipment, uniforms, and other important items your team requires while helping other Great Causes: like @RISK Children, Veterans, Breast and other Cancers, Animals, Alzheimer's, Dementia and many other Causes Dear to your Heart, all while we bring families, friends, and communities together to UNPLUG, as we Paddle our way to better health while having a blast. 


Over 7 decades of

We have the resources and professional expertise to help

decrease costs, increase engagement and conversion while

saving your organization a ton of time: it's like having a Fundraising TEAM at no cost to you.

Let's create your custom Inspirational Sustainable, Effortless, and Engaging Donation Solution™ that is designed to help your cause Raise + Engage over $150,000 a year, while continuing to keep Raising + Engaging for many years to come, all at no cost to you: a smarterPROGRAM.

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