We'll Have You UNPLUGGED in a Jiffy.

We provide everything your TEAM needs to create a Sustainable, Effortless and Engaging Donation Solution, designed to help pay for equipment, uniforms, and other important items your team needs, while giving back to other Great Causes, like @RISK Children, Veterans, Breast and other Cancers, Animals, Alzheimers, Dementia and many other Causes Dear to your Heart, all while we bring families, friends, and communities together to UNPLUG & Paddle our way to better health while having a blast. 

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Over 138 years of

We have the resources and professional expertise to help

decrease costs, increase engagement and conversion while

saving your organization a ton of time: it's like having an extra10 employees at no cost.

Let's create your custom Inspirational Sustainable, Effortless and Engaging Donation Solution (iSEEDS™), designed to Raise + Engage over $150k a year, and keep Raising + Engaging for up to 5 years or longer, TODAY.

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